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Generating a valid PDF/A document with LaTeX is quiet a journey. The success depends on your distribution (TexLive, MikTeX, ...) and your compiler (pdflatex, lualatex, xelatex). Here are some notes to make your live a bit easier.

Possiblilty 1: Ghostscript

The easiest way is to compile your LaTeX document normally and than rework it with Ghostscript. Let's say you have a file called thesis.pdf and you want to convert it into a PDF/A conform file thesis-a.pdf with metadata (like author). First create a file called pdfmarks.txt:

[ /Title (document title)
  /Author (author name)
  /Subject (subject description)
  /Keywords (comma, separated, keywords)
  /ModDate (D:20210814112233)
  /CreationDate (D:20210814112233)
  /Creator (application name or creator note)
  /Producer (PDF producer name or note)
  /DOCINFO pdfmark

Now you can convert your file, this example is executed in a Windows PowerShell:

    -sColorConversionStrategy=RGB `
    -sProcessColorModel=DeviceRGB `
    -sDEVICE=pdfwrite `
    -dPDFACompatibilityPolicy=1 `
    -sOutputFile="thesis-a.pdf" "PDFA_def.ps" "thesis.pdf" "pdfmarks.txt"

The file PDFA_def.ps is part of Ghostscript.

Possibility 2: pdfx

Possibility 3: hyperref & hyperxmp